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Related post: Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 13:45:24 EST From: Subject: Rick & the Twins-Part VIThis is, little virgin videos of course, a story of sex between males. If you enjoy this then continuing reading, if not, read no further. But I bet you can relax, unzip read and enjoy because virgins 12 15 nude here it cums!Last we left the increasingly complex saga a lot of things have happened. Jason, the greater endowed twin, had just screwed his brother's butt with all of his hot eleven inches of teen meat. Rick and Les, who were in the next room watching everything on monitor, got so excited that Les ended up pumping his hot load up Rick's juicy butt. Unbeknownst to them all, Lynn, the twins' dad, had been watching fucking of virgine both of the scenes on his computer jerking his big, thick ten inch cock off and shooting a huge load of cum all over himself. Then Rick's cell phone rang and his cousin Mike announced that his marriage was over.Even though Lynn was us virgin pussy far away it felt as if he were with the four of them as sex with virgin teens he watched the teens having hot manly sex with each other. The load he had just blown did little to relieve the aching in his balls and the need for actual man-on-man sex. He was not cute virgin schoolgirls pics exactly staying at the type of hotel where he could avail himself of a male hooker to satisfy his lust. He took a hot shower and threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and decided to head down to the bar to have a drink. Heading down in the elevator, Lynn could feel his monster cock chubbing up as he replayed the scenes he had witnessed earlier in his mind. Walking in the bar, he noticed a little russian virgins few women sitting by the bar. illegal russian porno virgins He looked around a saw a lone man sitting in a nudist girlshymenvirgin booth by himself. Lynn recognized as the waiter who had served him dinner earlier and he remembered how nice he'd been and how hot he looked with his dreamy olive-toned complexion. Now little virgin boys the guy seemed teen and virgin forlorn and gloomy and was nursing a beer. Walking over to the booth, he tapped him on the shoulder and spoke, "Mike, remember me from earlier. You served me dinner. Mind if I join you?" "I'm not really gonna be good company Mr. Johnson, but I do remember you. How could I forget someone who tipped me $50 for a $50 russia virgin girls tab" "First of all call me Lynn. Nothing could be that bad that you wouldn't want some company. Besides, I'm a good listener!" Lynn said as he sat down next to the good looking man."The truth is that I just got a text message from my wife telling me that she was leaving me. She's taking my kid and nude virgins ped moving home to her parents. She asked me not to come home tonight and since I have nowhere to go, I'm gonna hang out in the employee's locker room and sleep there until tomorrow." Mike said almost sobbing. "Gee, kid, you must really love her if leaving you got you so upset!" Lynn said questioningly. "Er. I 12yo. virgin wouldn't say that. It hasn't been much of a marriage. You see I knocked her up in a moment of weakness and I married her out of pressure. I should be relieved that she's leaving me but there is still a sense of loss because I love my kid and she wants sole custody.""I know what it's like to be in a loveless marriage. Mine was short-lived as well. But I've been single a long time now and things aren't that bad. Especially for a guy as good looking as you. There should be plenty of people who would love to be with you. You're young and, if virgin girls top I don't say so, extremely hot looking! teens and virgin "I'm sure you'll land on your feet!" "That's russian baby virgins nice of you to say, Lynn. There was someone virgins fourteen naked I cared about, but I'm afraid that they no longer want any part of me. I guess I'll just have to start fresh!" Mike said sighing."First of all there's no need for you to sleep in the employee's locker room. I have a big suite with plenty japanese virgin defloration of room. You're welcome alfa teens virgin tiny to stay with me for the night. I know that you have to weigh your options but after the news you received today, there's no need to be alone. Besides, I could use the company. Heck, at 33. abandon swimming beaches virginia I virgins rape pics can't be much older than you!" Lynn said. "Not really, I'm 20, but I don't know whether it would be appropriate for an employee to stay in a guest's room." Mike said cautiously."Nonsense. I won't tell if you won't. There's more beer free virginity stories in my bar upstairs. How about it!" Lynn said staring into Mike's eyes intently. There was something strangely naked 12 virgins appealing about this man but Mike had been trying to suppress virgin illegal girl 13 his gay feeling these past months sexy nude virgin and now he felt a stirring in his groin as he walked to the elevator with Lynn. Fortunately. the night clerk did not see him as they entered and Lynn pressed the penthouse button. They entered the room and Mike. who had never been in the penthouse, was awed by its opulence. virginity naked pregnants "Make yourself at home. I bet you could use a nice hot shower after a long day's work. There are plenty of towels in the bathroom as well as an extra bath robe." "Thanks, Lynn. I could use a shower about now." Mike said. He entered the huge bathroom and shut the door. He stripped down quickly and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt good cascading down his body, especially when it hit his cock and balls. He soaped his genitals real good and before he realized it he was growing a woodie. He had a funny feeling that Lynn did not asked him up here just be nice but wanted to little virgins links have sex with him. Truth was, he was ass to mouth virgins kind of turned on to the idea. But there was no way he could make the first move. Besides, the guy could just be nice in letting him stay here tonight. "Oh well," Mike said to himself, "Whatever happens, at least I can try to get a good night sleep!"But Lynn had other ideas for the two of them. He was extremely horny and this 20 year old was extremely hot. He suspected that he had a nice hang and was hopeful that he'd find out shortly. What he really wanted was to be lying between his two sons while they each worked on his hot, manly body doing to him what they had done with themselves. He also was turned on by Rick and Les as well. Rick had given him one hell of a blow job the other day and Lynn was sure that the boy's tight butt would feel wonderful to his thick cock! But he was in the now and the hot stud in his bathroom was making his cock stir. He had kept the camera running while he had gone out and he was sure that there must be another hot round of hot male action recorded.Lynn was lying in bed with his own bathroom on when Mike exited the bathroom. "Er....I'll just sleep on the couch in the next room, Lynn" the indian virgin girls incest boy said tentatively. "Nonsense, Mike. I have this huge oversized king bed big enough for two. Hop in and relax. Maybe we can catch fotos de virgins teens something on TV before hitting the sack." Hesitantly, Mike lay down on the bed on the other side of Lynn. He had to admit that Lynn russia nudist virgins was an extremely hot looking guy virgin girl sex and the way he felt right now, he was open for any kind of sex the man would offer him. "Actually Mike I gotta be honest with you. I am gay and I brought you up here to have sex. If you are not into it, I fully understand and we can go to sleep. But somehow, I think you want it as badly as I do and that's why you're here. Now I have some videos that I think might peak your interest if you're nude exploited virgin game!" "Uh sure, Lynn, let's see what you've got and what happens. I'm definitely game!" Mike said confidently.Lynn turned on the video and therer were Lynn's twins who were lying on their side and kissing passionately. Lynn expanded that screen to see what his sons had been up to after sex virgin nymph naked Jason had fucked Liam. The two boys were cuddling side by side with their bubble butts exposed to the screen. Mike was taken in by the beauty of the two of them as they looked like bookends being so much alike. "These are my sons, Mike. My two, hot studly 16 year old boys.!" This is actually a delayed broadcast of what they were doing a few hours ago. It's my way of keeping an eye on them when I'm out of town and to see them in action. So what do teen russian virgins you think?" Lynn anal sex virgin teen asked innocently.What did he think, Mike asked himself. His own cock gave him away as he had grown to his fully erect eight inches underneath the bathrobe. Suddenly, he felt a hand against his thigh working its way up to his erection. "Well, I have my answer young man! You're as turned on as I am and that's an impressive slab of meat you're sporting between your legs."Lynn said as he slowly began to jack the boy off using his oozing pre-cum as lubrication. Mike had to admit that he was turned on by what Lynn was doing and what was happening on the screen. The twins had rolled on their backs and Mike could see that fuck hot virgin they both had hardons. But one twin seemed much larger than the other in the cock department. The one with the larger cock turned over and took his twin's tool in his hand and slowly began to jack virgins pics on it just as his father was doing to Mike. Mike groaned as he watched the junior virgin girl hot action on the big screen and 14 yr virgin fuck felt the man's hand working his own pulsing shaft. Then Mike watched as Jason leaned over and began to suck on his brother's cock. His eyes widened as the twin took every inch of the fat dick in his mouth. His own fat eight incher was beginning to pulse when he felt a tongue licking at his cockslit. He looked down to see Lynn's face buried in his crotch as the older man widened his mouth and took in every fucking inch of his eight inch boner deep into throat. Between the action on the screen and the action below, Mike was in innocent small virgins ecstasy! Knowing that it was Lynn's sons he was watching was even hotter as he dick grew harden in Lynn's throat as he was fast approaching his orgasm. He had not had a blow job like this since the last virgins sexy girls time he had been with his cousin and it felt awesome! Lynn could sense Mike's impending explosion. He wanted it to be the best for him since he knew the guy had little virgin porn innocent just been through a lot emotionally. cock virgin grandpas He also knew, from experience, that watching his twin sons on the screen was a real turn on!Meanwhile on the screen, Jason was giving him the blow job of a lifetime. He was deep hroating his twin to the max as he felt his brother's balls tightening up Slowly he worked his finger into Liam's hole as he could feel the remnants of his recent ejaculation. Liam was moaning with pleasure ameteur teen virgin pussy as he grabbed onto his brother's head forced more and innocent virgins fuck more of his free virgin defloration dick down Jason's greedy throat. "Aw shit Jas', I'm virgin sex little gonna do it! Gonna blast my load into you and coat your tonsils with my brother load. Here it fucking cums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Liam screamed as he blasted jet after jet of his teen cum into Jason who greedily swallowed it all. Watching that pushed Mike over the edge as he, too, shot streams children pics virgin of cum down Lynn' s greedy throat. The older man drank all of Mike's pleasure fluid filles petite virgin milking the load out of him completely. For Mike, it was a mind blowing orgasm the best he'd had in a long time.Finally, totally drained, Mike collapsed on the bed. Leaning over him, Lynn pressed his lips to the younger man's and kissed him deeply, long and passionately. Mike did not find it at russian virgin thumbs all unpleasant as he tasted his own seed. Lynn's robe was spread and Mike's hand groped for the slightly older man's cock. He gasped as he felt the virgin rape gallery man's massive length and girth. It had to be free gay virgin stories the biggest cock he'd ever felt! He wanted to give back some of the pleasure he'd just received but did not know if cute little girls virgins he could handle this man's incredible dick. "Um, your hand feels nice on my rod!" Lynn murmured. " Just jack it up and down for me and get my virgin fresh teen juices flowing." Lynn looked up on the screen and saw that Jason was getting ready to screw his twin's ass again with his mammoth dick. That youn russian virgin sight and Mike's hot hand stroking him made his own cock throb even more! Lynn tapped Mike on the shoulder. "Take a look at what's about to happen on the screen!" Lynn whispered. Looking up, Mike saw that one twin was lying on his stomach while the other one was licking his butt hole. He nude pre virgin had his brother's twin globes spread and was burying his face between those luscious cheeks. "He's getting him ready to fuck him with his huge cock. Believe it or not it's a mind blowing experience one that I'm sure you would enjoy, Mike. Do you want me to screw your butt, babe! I female virgin pics promise to go real slow and make it feel real good!" Lynn said pleadingly. Mike looked up into the man's eyes and melted. School teen virgin True, he was scared, but this guy had taken him in when he was at his lowest point. And, truth was, he was adult video virginia intrigued. He had fucked and been fucked before and taking one something so big and thick would be a challenge. But he had made up his mind. He, too, rolled on his stomach so Lynn could see his own melon shaped buns. Smiling, Lynn spread them and dove in tongue first. Mike gasped as the wet tongue made contact with his freshly cleaned hole. It was really hot and teen virgin mpeg gallery he could feel himself getting hard all over again. Lynn was working his tongue deep inside of him licking his crack and loosening up his tight hole."Get on all fours, Mike, I'm picture virgin boys gonna insert some lube up there and get you nice teen virgin seventeen sesso and wet. This way, you can watch my two hot sons fucking while I fuck you. It'll be like we're having a foursome!" Lynn said with delight. Mike got on all fours and the man spread the boy's cheeks inserting a generous amount of lube inside the wet hole. On the screen, Mike virgin breast nude could see the twin who would be doing the fucking getting ready to mount his brother. child play virgins The boy's rod was as big as his dad's if not bigger! He wondered how the other twin would met art teen virgins be able to take it, but looked like he was begging him for it. "Shit, Lynn your boys look free mature virgins so damn hot on that screen. I want you to screw my butt just like your son is doing to his brother!" Mike moaned. These words of encouragement made Lynn'c cock even harder as nasty virgin incest rusian virgin girls videos he coated it liberally with lube. Getting behind the boy, he gently inserted his rod at the entrance while he watched Jason do the same to Liam. It was almost like he was gonna screw his own son he was so lost in cute but virgin still the moment. "Just breathe normally and squeeze like you're gonna take a dump and feel how easy I can slip in!"Lynn russian virgin tgp groaned. Pushing forward ever so slowly, he felt porno virgin ukrainian his dickhead slip past the boys sphincter as he entered him. On the screen he could see his son Jason entering his twin brother with his huge dick and it was driving him crazy! He really wanted to plunge all the way in but he was afraid of hurting Mike banana tree virgin islands with his hugeness. He turned the sound up higher so he could hear what was happening in the twins' bedroom. Liam was moaning as every thick inch of his dick made its way up his brother's juicy hole. "Do you want more of my cock Mike? I don't want to rush you, babe!: Let me know when I can give you some more!' Lynn asked. Mike could feel the fullness at the entrance virgins russia to is hole and it felt good. "Go ahead, give me more, just like your son is giving to his brother!" Mike patned.That was all Lynn had sexy cum virgin gallery to hear as he pushed forward. He felt his thick rod slipping deeper and deeper into the boy's hot chute and it felt fantastic! For Mike's part, no one had ever entered him as deeply as japanese virgins this man was doing now. The times he had been screwed by his cousin felt pics of virgins good but did not compare to the royal pounding he was about to get. He knew that the man was getting turn on by watching his son's fuck, but he didn't care. He was on the receiving end of the man's lust for now and it was a feeling like none he'd ever felt before. Inch by inch of the huge rod nude virgins pop cherry was entering him spreading his insides and filling him up completely. Finally, Lynn had buried every millimeter of his rod virgins index tgp inside Mike. "Shit, this may be the tightest hole I've ever been in!" Lynn thought to himself. He could feel his rod throbbing and he was waiting ofr some signal from the boy to begin his thrusting. And then it came. "Aw, damn, Lynn, fuck me now. Fuck me long and deep just like your son is fucking his twin! I want to feel you touch every part of me insides with your sex virgins nubiles huge manrod!" Mike bellowed.That was what Lynn was waiting to hear! With a roar, he began thrusting his thick rod in and out of the boy's tight hole as loud squishing noises could be heard throughout the room. On the screen, Jason was doing the same and he could hear both his sons moaning and groaning as they rutted away. Each deep thrust brought his balls in contact with Mike's fleshy globes. Reaching under the boy, he felt for Mike's cock and, to his delight it virgin toplist was rock hard which meant he was as turned on as Lynn. He began to jack the boy off in time with his forward thrusts as sweat began to pour off of him and onto Mike. Lynn was caught up in the moment; mesmerized by what he was watching on the screen while, at the same time, sliding his throbbing dick in and out of beaches of virginia Mike's tight anal virgin teen pics hole. Lynn watched as his son withdrew his long, hard, thick cock from Liam's butt and had him lay down virgin tiny pussy on his back. He hoisted his legs onto his shoulders given him direct access to his brother's steamy hole. Boldly, he placed his immense rod at the opening him and thrust forward mounting him for all he was worth. Every hot inch was buried inside of Liam and Jason was overcome with lust. Watching this was too much for Lynn as he sped up his thrusts into virginnudegallery Mike, on the precipice with nowhere to go but fhg club virgins forward. His breathing became labored as he thrusting became torrent. Mike surrendered completely to the feelings coursing through and him as the older man totally possessed. Then they russian porno movies virgin both heard Jason moan and roar. "I'm gonna do it, Jas! non nude inocent virgin I'm gonna blast my load deep inside of you. Get ready for me bro' because here I fucking CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' he shriekedThat's all Lynn had to hear as he reached for his climax. With one tremendous thrust, he buried himself completely inside of Mike has his cock expanded and spew forth jet after jet of his manload deep into the recesses of the boy's virgin girls nudes bottom. At the same time, Mike's dick exploded as well as Lynn's jerking hand combined with the throbbing of his rod virgin girl xxx as he porn thumbnails virgin force came spent him over the edge. Lynn must have shot a gallon of cum inside of him as his sweaty body finally came to rest atop Mike's. He leaned over and the boy tilted his head as they kissed deeply just as his sons were doing. Strange thing was, Lynn virgin toplist yo did have feelings for Mike, feelings he hadn't felt in a long time.As they lay back in bed, Lynn holding Mike in his arms, little virgins pics he asked the boy a question. little virgins masturbating "How about taking a vacation and coming home with me for awhile. After all that has happened to you, I'm sure you could use a links virgin angel teens break. And I think we got along OK don't you." Lynn brazilian virgin fuck asked. Mike listened as his heart felt a lift. He'd like nothing more than to spend some time with this hot, hunky guy . Also, seeing his twins in person might prove to be fun as well. They watched as the screen turned to another scene. It was Les and Rick engaged in virgin naked girls defloration a hot fuck for the second time. Les virgin 15yo jpg was pounding his rod deeply in and out of Rick's hot hole and both were loving it. Mike recognized his cousin as Lynn explained that Rick was his boy's nanny and Les their tennis couch. This vacation was going to prove forbidden little virgins quite interesting for Mike!Hope you enjoyed this installment. More to cum if you want. Cumments always welcum!
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